got the love bug

ARE YOU CRAZY IN LOVE WITH SOMEONE WHO DOESN’T LOVE YOU BACK? Hey, we’ve all been there. This is your chance to use the magic of television to work a little magic on your love life.  A nationwide search is trying to hook up the lovelorn with the love doctors in the fields of science and relationships to turn a no…into a yes, please.

If you’re tired of being BFFs and want something more romantic the producers of My Crazy Love and Boston’s Finest is looking for men and women for a new unscripted series.Applicants must be 25-54 and single, widowed or divorced and the person of your dreams must be single too.

Send your names, contact phone number, address, occupation, a statement about who you are and about the love of your life and tell them about the current status of your relationship . Send a photo in jpg and all your information to

Share this with everyone you know….and help make the ultimate love connection.


The Royals royals2

Ok…let’s face it,  a show called The Royals on E  can’t possibly live up to our fave Downton Abby. But at least it’s a trip across the pond and it’s  got to be a change from the Kardashian’s and those ghastly housewives.  This is a real switch for E to ditch the overused reality format and go for a scripted show. Gotta give them a kudos for effort.

The real news about this show is Elizabeth Hurley who plays the Queen. She’s no frumpster, corgi loving monarch with badly behaving kids. She’s a rocked out glamour girl queen with badly behaving kids. Elizabeth Hurley isn’t known for her acting chops, but she’s someone to watch. She’s come a long way from her Hugh Grant days with the Versace dress with pins up and down the side. And you know we all hate her because she can probably still fit in to it.

It’s worth a watch. It can end up being terribly campy and fun, or bloody awful. Let me know what you think. But give it a watch. Lady Edith won’t mind.




jr highkids If you adopted a child you are amazing. Sharing your love with a baby or a child is truly a divine act. For those of you who have adopted and made a loving, family home here’s your chance to share you special story and win a nice cash sum. A casting search is out with for a documentary looking for families who’ve adopted. They are looking for all races and all types of families with children ages 11-17. So be sure to pass this on to your friends . What they want you to have is plenty of pictures and video to show how your family has grown. You will be interviewed by Skype if you don’t live in Los Angeles. Send your info to Be sure to include your name and the name (s) of your adopted kids. Give a phone number , street address and snapshots on jpeg and tell them what device you use to display some of your best family life moment. Tell them what those stellar moments were. Good Luck.


home cooking sign

You know your family loves your food. They ask for it , crave it, and insist on Mom’s home style cuisine whenever they can. Or it may be Dad’s or Grandma’s. You know some home cooking tricks and so does everyone else you know.  Whether it’s your famous mac and cheese that chocolate cake that  everyone wants for their birthday. Or it could be that delicious dish that combines ten vegetables that no one even suspects. You are the Chef!!! You know that food equals love.

Here’s your big chance to heat it up in the kitchen and tell everyone you know about it. Or ar you THAT person that leaves out an ingredient in a recipe so you remain the Queen?  Here’s your chance to compete for a huge cash prize on NBC tv’s hit show FOOD FIGHTERS. You will go against top chefs in this second season. You can be 9-90 to compete.

Send an email to
Be sure to include:
1.  Your name (first and last)
2.  Contact phone number
3.  City/State where you live
4.  A brief description of yourself and your cooking, and why you want to be on this show
5.  Photos of yourself, and your best dishes (jpg format please)



downton abby tea

I don’t think the Dowager  or Lady Mary would approve but here’s  the easiest way ever to get your scones ready for your cup of Earl Grey while you’re watching  Downton Abby Sunday night. I made up this recipe and it’s so easy and yet so amazingly deceptive. But before I pat myself on the back, give them a try. Let me know what you think

scone ingredients properly

These are all the ingredients you need. Seriously. And you can add a little sugar too, if you like. Mix the Shawnee Mills buttermilk biscuit mix (which by the way is only about 69 cents) with 1/2 cup of half and half or whipping cream. Add raisins and some sugar (if you like) mix andput on some parchment paper  on a baking sheet. The dough is a bit glumoy but make them like drop biscuits. Set over to 400 and in 15 minutes…voila.!!! This makes 6 scones

scones and tea service

Tea is served Madam. Music to my ears.




squash 2

It’s January and that means a hideous look at our dietary sins over the holidays. You know what I’m talking about. Those angelic Christmas cookies with the Royal icing , the Chex mix, the fudge, the cardamam cookies made by my Mom along with the English Christmas cake . Not to mention that  toffee that Michelle makes and the endless dinners with family that included everyone’s specialties. We bring out our culinary A game over the holidays and by God we expect  participation!!

I regress. Today I took a look in my fridge and low and behold there was a lonely spaghettti squash. I think I bought it before Christmas on some insane bargain with my waistline. But it was still firm and I thought…why not.? I was making turkey meatball subs for my daughter so I thought I’d make an even healthier version for me. I love it. I will try many , many more ideas with this spaghetti squash. I can see Tex-Mex, Chinese and maybe Thai. Hope you enjoy it too.


for two…add more squash as needed


Spagetti sauce

Turkey meatballs

Italian blend cheese in a package.

Spaghetti squash.

How to

Make your sauce, use bottled, make your own. It doesn’t matter. I sautéed a package  of turkey meatballs and dropped them in the sauce.

Take one  Spaghetti squash. Cut in half (this was a tough part) . You don’t want to be slicing off your hand.  I drizzled it with olive oil and put the cut part down on the tin foil lined pan.I baked it at 350 for 40 minutes .

Take the squash out and run a fork through it. It’s like a miracle…you get strands of the squash that look like spaghetti. (am I the only one in the world who hasn’t done this?) Salt and pepper

Take all the “strands” out and put in a layer of sauce. Squish up some turkey meatballs then a layer of the squash strands then cheese . Repeat. Top it up with cheese. Bake for another 30 minutes until bubbly.

Good eats!!!









This summer I went to the Dead Center Film festival with a friend.  It’s something I really look forward to. One of the most poignant documentaries  I saw was about a man who would give music on an ipad to people who had lost all touch with reality. They would listen to songs of their era and BOOM!!! people who hadn’t smiled in years laughed…sang along…even danced.

That’s what music is. Music is truly the soundtrack of our lives.  My kids got me some Dre Beats for Christmas and I am one happy girl. I’ve been thinking of what my soundtrack iss….and so far this is what I have. So if I ever go in a coma…please play these songs for me.

1956 Fats Domino’s Blueberry Hill… was my Dad’s. I played it over and over.

1961 Take Good Care of My Baby…my first slow dance.

1963 I Want to Hold Your Hand…yep. I fell in love with the Beatles. We lived in Holland and there was no rock and roll music except at night on Radio Luxemberg. A transistor radio. I was in heaven.

1966 Like a Rolling Stone. I was in boarding school in Lakenheath , England and we were all dressed up for prom and had to walk past some soldiers that were leaving for Vietnam. I can still hear them singing….how does it feel to be on your own.

1970 Jr. Walker and the All Stars …What Does it Take. I went to the airport to pick up some band members for their gig at st. Gregory’s. I have loved that song ever since.  Its always the last song on my workout. This always became the theme song for my many romances ever since. Some songs, have staying power.

1973 Marvin Gaye…Let’s get it On. This needs no explanation

1977 Abba…Dancing Queen. I had found the career of my life in tv and I was the happy Dancing Queen.

1978 Stevie Nicks …Go Your Own Way….Went to interview her at a concert. I was so excited. She was so stoned she had to be carried out. No interview. but i still love her music.Rumours

1984  Bruce Springsteen…Born in the USA… My firstborn was three and we actually took him to Dallas to see Bruce Springsteen in concert. Were we freaking nuts?????

1984 Sam Cooke…You Send Me. My song for my second baby boy who managed surviving me singing that to him over and over.

1988 Pretty Little Angel Eyes…beautiful baby Mallory.

Songs come and go. I love Motown. I grew up on that in England in the 60’s and it always makes me happy. As for me now. Top pick song has to be Pharrell Williams…Happy.!!!

What is your’s







young women   1. DO NOT ASSUME YOU CAN SIT ON YOUR LAURELS. If you are a guest for Christmas ask to help. Get up and wash the dishes, empty the trash.  Act better than you would do in your own home.  You move that toned little tush at the gym.  Show your potential new family you can work it at home too. 2.DO TRY TO LEARN A LITTLE ABOUT THE FAMILY. Find out what your potential mother-in-laws interests are.  Bring Mom  a special  heirloom tomato plant for her greenhouse  or bottle of scotch for Dad.  Research pays off. 3.DON’T ORDER THE MOST EXPENSIVE ENTREE ON THE MENU. When the folks take you out for dinner remember that it is not  polite to order the most expensive entrée on the menu, or the $150.00 bottle of wine. Good way to alienate everyone. 4. PICK UP AFTER YOURSELF. Before you leave ask if she want you to strip the bed and  ask wheer to put the towels.  Don’t leave the room a mess and avoid leaving thongs and really personal items.  She doesn’t want to know.  I promise you. 5.WRITE A THANK YOU NOTE. Not an email.  A thank you note that shows you are well-mannered and grateful. (even if you’re not)


winston in car

Trying to sell your house after 26 years is one hell of a job. I have been trying to get rid of stuff for years. I thought I was pretty savvy when I told my kids I didn’t plan on keeping their bedrooms as a shrine, so they should take it all. Well that really worked. No one took a thing. I had various methods of getting rid of stuff. For my middle son, who lives not too far away, I would leave bags of old trophies and the like on his doorstep. Sort of a Mom version of ringing the doorbell and running away.

For the older son with the fancy taste, I let my daughter put his stuff on ebay. And the rest–well 37 trips to Goodwill later, and  intimate knowledge of the attendants family history I was done. Well sort of  . They had to beg me not to bring anymore my little ponies or he-men figures.

The next step is sprucing it up. That means fixing up dart holes and bad temper punches in the playroom sheet rock. Who was that ass kid that did that? Then peeling Grateful Dead stickers off white door. The list goes on. None of  it pleasant.

Perhaps the biggest trick of all is trying to act like you don’t have any animals in your house. I leave out the hermit crab that should have died two years ago that my daughter bought. This is the same crab I have been known to go out in my pajamas in search of  salt water .No pet is left behind in this house .  No one apparently wants the slightest hint that a dog has ever scooted across the wood floor or licked the woodwork. Let alone some of the other dastradly deeds that dogs do. Right?

So when potential buyers come its like a Chinese firedrill to throw the dog equipment (which is massive) in the garage and haul them off in the car. My daughter Mallory and I tried the dog park first  but her Basset Hound, Winston,  was scared of the other dogs and sat terrified for half an hour. We decided driving around with them was a better plan.  Charlie, the rescue dog, was the easiest. Charlie has a cool old school  vibe and was more than happy to listen to Marvin Gaye and Junior Walker and eat chicken finger at Cains. My daughters dogs, Winston and Louie, were a little more difficult. Especially since they like to cling terrified to your neck, making it virtually impossible to turn the steering wheel. Winston, who weighs about sixty pounds likes to dig his claws in your legs and beat his ten pound brother out of the choice spot on your lap. You look like you were a Pamplona survivors after this little adventure. A trip to the ER is always a possibility.

You can stand anything for half an hour, right? But then you have people that come late and linger and there you are driving in cars with dogs.








This is so easy I’m almost embarrassed to share it. But I’m a giver so I
will and you will not be disappointed. This came to me from a good friend.
Not the kind of friend that gives you their treasured recipe and eliminates a bunch
of stuff so it will never be as good as theirs. I mean, who are those people?
 Lady,if your freaking recipe for chocolate chip cookie is your claim to fame….I
feel for you. Real friends give real friends real recipes.

So here you go friend.

Add a piece of roast. Your choice.

Add a stick of butter

 Just stick it on top of the roast. Then pour on a packet of au jus gravy.

Then a package of Ranch dressing mix.

Last thing ….either five whole pepperoncini peppers or the equivilant in
sliced ones.

Then it should look like this

Cook on low for 5-6 hours. Great with mashed potatoes. Lots of
wonderful gravy. You are welcome!!!!!