disney cruise

 Is your family kind of mousey?  You now the type that would like to go on a free Disney cruise, be in a commercial and every family member get a nice check?  The Disney empire is looking nationwide for Caucasian and Hispanic families to enjoy an all expenses paid cruise  and be in the commercial. Done and done.

Now I have to mention that the cruise is to Alaska and not the Caribbean. But seriously the cruise to Alaska even with boring old people is wonderful. And who doesn’t like to get out of the summer heat? Not to mention that you will be expected to kayak,hike, helicopter and sea plane excursion. It will go from Vancouver to Alaska. Vancouver, by the way , is a really cool place.

Families that are chosen will go to LA to Vancouver June 21 and return June 29th..

Each family member will be paid $2,500 plus some agency fees and a per diem. They are looking for  Hispanic families from 6-65.  (2 parents, 2 Grandparents and at least 3 kids….which can include siblings or cousins) Mom and dad in mid  to late 30’s…kids 6-10 and energetic grandparents.

Caucasian families can be from 10-45. Family of four. Don’t ask me why the specs are different. I don’t come up with these, I just tell you about them. They don’t want any body art…what they want are fun, easy-going families.  That are, of course, attractive.

Get the following info in by May 5th to . castingfamiliesforohaver@gmail.com

Name, city and state, address, describe family members. Tell them if you are submitting for the Hispanic or Caucasian family. Names, ages and descriptions of each family member. Send a group pic if possible. If not send individual pics. But I suggest getting a group pic (all in jpeg) let them see how cute your family is.


Good luck and please pass on!!!!!



old lady chic

What is it about flamboyant older women that fascinates all of us. Could it be the ruby lipstick painted way outside the lip line. Or is the fascinating wardrobe mash ups they come up with. Or is it the sheer terror that a decade or two from now…that will be me!!! A garish combination of the Joker and Joan Collins.

Apparently the word of fashion isn’t having that moment. Probably because the world of fashion is dictated by thirty year olds. They can step back and look at these shall-we-say mature women and see the beauty in the chaos. In the movie world alone a documentary movie called  Iris is opening at the end of the month, a brilliant look at Iris Apfel and her penchant for flea market style. Last year a called Advanced Style, crafted by 33 year old Ari Seth Cohen, was a take on his blog of the same name. Again with th 30 year-olds.


The old broads are everywhere take a look:

Helen Mirran … in Woman in Gold, is 69

Jessica Lange,  forMarc Jacobs is 66

Joan Didion (writer) is the muse for Celine’

Joni Mitchell is the showpony for Yves Saint Laurent.


So before you get your Granny-on….here are a few more still to inspire you

oldlady style 2old lady3old lady 4



Do you have daughters or in their twenties  who like to take a walk on the wild side? The same producers that give you Keeping up with the Kardashians and Project Runway (Bunim-Murray) are looking for attention-getting sisters in their early twenties  that steal the limelight . You can only imagine the attention these sisters (or triplets) will be getting. Not for everyone by any means.

 Send your contact information (address, phones etc) , ages , photos (jpeg) or video, a description of why you and your sister are unique and would be great for the show. Be sure and put Sisters in the subject line of your email.  Keep in mind if they don’t get pictures you won’t even be considered. After all, these are the people who produce Kim Kardashian and crew. Send to


Not quite used to a Bovine being used as a chick magnet….but that Nicholas Sparks knows a thing or two about romance. Take a determined son of a bull rider (who also happens to be the very dashing son of Clint Eastwood) and add a smart sorority girl determined to got to New York for an art internship and what do you have? Not much really. But that’s where the genius of Nicholas sparks steps in. Remember he had you at Notebook.

He recent movies have been a little less memorable, so Nicholas went back into his “I want to make them love me” bag of tricks and pulled out Alan Alda who the young couple save out of a car crash and the oh-yes-of-course box of letters to his wife. So we go back and forth in time telling two love stories for the price of one

The movie is romantic. Nicholas knows how to make men do and say the things we gals like to hear. It is different place that he takes us to in the world of bull riding.  A world we might not have know. And that, after all, isn’t that what movies are all about. I’d say it’s good, but no Notebook.  But if romance is what you’re after , and old fashioned romance at that, then this movie is for you. Not everyone thinks l-o-v-e comes with leather whips and a torture chamber.

It’s sweet , and satisfying, and perfectly chaste.


Do you agree? Let me know what you thought. Was it worth the ticket?




Do you know anyone who plans weddings? (One of those tough cookies that can tame bridezillas and plan the perfect venue?) A national television show is looking for those wedding planners and their staff and is wanting to make them a major brand.

They are looking for companies that can pull of the most incredible events from engagements to the actual wedding. They want people who are “big” characters that are really stoked by their jobs and what they can achieve.

They want the company to have a great track record and the ability to pull off miracles and give every wedding that AHHH moment.

Send  your name and address and other contact information  along with reasons you and your staff would be perfect for the show. Send recent photos of you and your staff and some of the weddings you’ve organized.

Send information to Castingforrings@gmail.com

Be sure and share this !!!!




marigold hotel

The producers  of the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel were on to a good number. Cast popular Brit actors and throw them into an exotic setting and actually deal with growing older.  That was a brilliant move.  Add in a love story about  a  young Indian man and his dreams and actually let these old people fall in love and lust. Winning combination. It was charming, it was new and it made a surprising killing worldwide.

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel isn’t as great. The plot was thin, the characters just not as endearing as before. I have always loved Bollywood movies since I first saw Monsoon Wedding. The dance numbers and the lead up to character Sonny’s wedding were a visrtual feast. So was the exotic locale, the street scenes and the scenery. But the story was weak.

Why on earth did they feel the need to add Richard gere into the mix. I guess they though…hmmm, eye candy for the old broads. Not so much. It seemed desperate. I much preferred watching a nerdy Bill Nighly moon over Judy Dench, who really wasn’t quite as brilliant as usual.

Spoiler alert- love prevails in the end. Everyone gets the girl/guy. Not as good, a watered down version. Still, in the horrible display of fight em, fuck em movies this year….its still a satisfying watch.


I binged watched Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and House of Cards.  At middle age it’s so much better to binge watch than watch week to week and forget everything in between This is so much more economical time wise.  I am honestly waiting with baited breath to see Grace and Frankie ( James Fonda and Lily Tomlin) . Now if you could throw in Dolly Parton I would be in heaven.

Here’s the premise…Fonda is the straight-laced , but oh-so-well-put-together woman in her 70’s and  is the aging hippie chick. Loving it already. They both find out their husbands (one of them Martin Sheen) are gay and have been lovers for 20 years. So they go through the seven stages of grief….which you can imagine is delicious and hysterical.

This was put together by Martha Kauffman of Friends fame. Let the binge begin May 8th  where you will be finding me on the best chair in the house having a good laugh!!!




game show


Heres an exciting chance to grab you BFF, your sweetie, or you kids and all enter a sure- to- be- a -hit game show. The network that has entertained you with The Voice, The Biggest Loser and Americas Got Talent is looking for talent in groups of 2 to 5 for a big chance to win big.

A nationwide search is going on now…so youll want to grab your peeps and send out the following information. They are eyeballing big personalities that know a bunch about pop culture…and each other.

Send name and address, phone number, names and bios of all the team members you want to hook up with and send JPEG pics of the whole gang to


Good luck! Please share with your friends and family.


50smom and dad

Today was the saddest day of my life when I had to help my Mother and Sister coerce my Dad  into a memory care unit. His Parkensons disease was taing its toll. This was my Dad, the man who wore the uniform of a soldier , and took care of our family with every fibre of his being. I was always so proud of my dad and I still am. He has always been there for me and now sadly, I promise to always be there for him. Thank you Dad, for always making me feel special and always making me feel like I could do anything I wanted. Thank you for telling me how important education is and that your family is always there for you. You are my hero.

We will adjust. He will adjust. But if you are novices like we were here are some things to insist on. Thank you to all my wonderful friends like Donna Stein, who helped me figure this out.

Rule#1 Don’t move in on a weekend. I know its convenient but they are not as fully staffed and your loved one needs the extra care and time.

Rule#2 Since you have to furnish the rooms, don’t run out and buy new furniture. We aren’t decorating for Martha Stewart. Bring the ratty old recliner and favorite pictures and things that will remind them of home.

Rule#3 Don’t overdo. They need time to adjust. Visit but don’t take over. Let them get used to the staff

Rule#4 Be nice to the staff. Take them a few flowers from your garden or make some cookies. Even pick up some donuts. These people are worth their weight in gold and you need every advantage you can get.

Rule #5 If at all possible get a memory care facility with an outdoor courtyard. Even the best facilities have an odor and Lord knows everyone needs some fresh air.

Now go and hug your kids, pets, grandkids….anyone.




modern family

Are you the real life Modern Family? We’ve all said it  from time to time …..” OMG…we should be on a reality show”….or “Give me a butt implant and Dad an adams apple reduction and we could be the next Kardashians.

If you are an interesting or dynamic family you may be just what a major television network is looking for. They  are looking for families to open their home and show exactly why you’re special.  They are eagerly looking for multi generational families, two dads or moms or combined families.

Send the following information to ThisIsMyFamilyCasting@gmail.com

Send pic (jpeg) or video along with the story of why your family is special. Be sure to include your names and ages of all family members and a description of each one.  Please give your address, contact info including phone and email.


Good luck!!!!



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