bad moms

Oh yes…we’ve all been there.  Mom judging is sort of like being waterboarded and throttled all at the same time. There were so many demands when my children were young. Was the birthday party lame? Did your kids art project hold up ? Did you attend every single one of your daughters softball games where the only action was the butterfly watching and  the snacks?. And that was in the Jurassic days of being a Mom.

Now it’s worse…gluten free food, no carbs , Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat  and Pinterest perfect lives. Yikes.  You not only have to be outstanding in person, now  you have to do it on all types of media. Now that’s quite a task.

This is a fun movie. It’s raunchy and a little lewd. It’s a girls-behaving badly and it’s funny. Mila Kunis is one stressed out mother who is definitely on her way to snapping. She teams up with two other Moms, Kristin Bell and Kathryn Hahn and it’s one merry ride as they take down the demanding PTA president Christine Applegate who runs the school and destroys everything that gets in her way. It’s Mean Girls with Mom wagons. You will laugh (or at least I did) and you will sympathize, and you will say thank God I don’t have to do that again.

In the whole cluster of the movie is an icon of truth. Moms are the last people in the world that need to be judged. It’s a big job with an enormous amount of responsibility. And we should be cheering  not shaming  every Mom out there .




ghost busters

Move over Kim , Kylie…and Jojo. The  Vanderpump chick and her cohorts  can take a hike. These are the real girls of summer. Four hilarious comedians cast as the new Ghostbusters. It is a so funny …I laughed inappropriately throughout the movie. A sure sign that the movie is worth a watch.

You know the story…a bunch a loser, nerdy scientists  a boatload of  freaky ghosts and a world-changing catastrophe. Well it’s all there , but it has so many pop references and fun guest pop ups that you will have to stay alert to catch them all. Especially hilarious was when Kristin Wiig says “say hello to my little friend” …which is some kind of deadly proton gun. The girls are  so funny. All from different backgrounds with different skill sets to add to the circus..

Jillian Holzmann is the weirdest engineer you’ll ever met and attitude driven Patty Tolan rounds out the comedy from Melissa  and Kristen Wiig …who we all love.

Chris Hemsworth brings it home with his portrayal of the dumb but yummy secretary, who sports Clark Kent glasses and a space-cadet attitude. Man can that boy dance. Shhh no spoiler. It’s funny how they spoof and pay homage to the dumb secretary without being offensive.  So on point.

Grab your popcorn and you BFF. This is one movie that will move your spirits!!!!







Are you a current military man or woman, or a vet? Do you have that discipline swagger and life skills to boot? If so a new television docu-series is looking for you.

Are you all about helping others and will  your skills and know-how help desperate parents with wayward kids? Are your battle field skills translated into good strategies for everyday life?

WE WANT YOU to take on the terrifying mission of helping families that need those skills. You’re going to get them schooled!!!



Your name and all contact information.  Tell them about your background and how you would help change the lives of troubled teens and their families in crisis. Send them a recent photo (jpg format).




Everyone loves your cakes. You are the Queen of the bake sale/church supper/family gathering. I am not talking about myself here. My pastry skills are dismal at best. But yours…well they’re legendary. So whisk out your apron and your  mixer and get baking. The new season of Cake Wars wants you!!!

Show your best talents. They are looking for cakes that taste delicious and look beautiful.  So get on your baking swagger and make some amazing cakes then take some pictures and send them along with the following information


You need  to send them your name and address, your age,phone number,recent photo of yourself and five photos of your best-ever cakes. (jpg format). Add a paragraph about your baking experience and why you have what it takes to win Cake Wars.


Good luck and pass this on to your baker friends . Yes, even the ones that only give you half a recipe so their food always tastes better. We know who you are!!!





  • virgin airlines

I blog because I want to. I am not sponsored or paid to write nice things. I write what and I want and that’s the way I like it. I’ve been told I have a snarky edge. At midlife…who doesn’t? So today I want to plug Virgin Airlines. because honestly, in this world of God-awful travel, lost suitcases, too-friendly body searches and just plain rudeness, Virgin was a gem.

My Mum, Joyce Morales ( the quintessential Brit) sprung for the tickets. It was the best flight experience I have ever had. Even the days of flying military standby with handsome pilot sitting in the cockpit can’t compare. I left from Atlanta to London. The first question was (in a very British accent) would you like some champagne? What size pajamas would you like?. What.???? I’m totally  sold at this point. I travel quite a bit and usually its a begrudging pretzels or nuts?

The flight was superb, the food magnificent and  the entertainment great. The lovely stewardesses helped up make your bed with a fluffy duvet and a nightcap of your choice. There was even a stand up bar stocked with goodies and more booze. Just in case you needed sack on the way to the w.c.


They tell you over and over again that you are in Upper Class (again said with a lovely British accent). And you honestly believe you are Downtown Abby-worthy.


On the way back from London the clubhouse was another experience to behold. Could it get any better? Well it can. Its funky and modern and the chillest place on the planet. you can have drinks and delicious food and even get free salon services. How many airport lounges do you know where you can get a bikini wax?….just sayin’. My mother left a package of crumpets  and when we boarded the plane the attendant overheard her tell me. Ten minutes later it was bag in her hands. I asked to give the person who retrieved it a tip. the attendant said, ‘No Madam…it’s our pleasure to do something for you.” Are you kidding me? When was the last time you’ve had that happen?


Afternoon tea was served and we all had a complete lovely afternoon tea with your own cakestand.

Perhaps one of the best examples of  the Virgin culture  was a before landing message on all screens of Richard Branson asking  you to give your foreign currency change to help poor children in third world countries. A paper collection envelope was in your space ready. You hand it to the attendant on the way out…and you feel good about it.

Richard Branson. You are a genius. This is the best flying experience I have ever had. Your airline may be called Virgin…but you are no novice when it comes to soothing the bitter , angry passenger with something called customer service. There is a lesson to be learned for every business here. I know I have new goals.

Wings Up!!!!!!




I was all psyched. In the midst of lasers and boxing rings and car chase scenes I was waiting for a girl power kick ass movie and what I got was a tepid movie that never really got to the heart of Joy. She is an amazing woman who beat the odds and convinced the world through the original tv shopping network that we needed her mop. A mop that you didn’t have to touch when you rinsed it.  A mop that’s in every household worldwide.

How she managed to have any ambition at all with her dysfunctional family including her insipid father and narcissistic mother  who did nothing but watch soap operas in bed, was beyond me.

She convinced her dad ( Robert De Niro) and his acid girlfriend (Isabella Rossellini) to front her the money for her mop. She got a shot and  she blew it. But her sheer tenacity won her a Hail Mary. Now that’s a story I can get behind. But the schematics were murky and it was hard to understand the nuances about patents and  why she was partners with some guys in California.

I’m glad I saw it. It was inspirational because her story is true. She went on to become a billionaire flogging velvet hangers and steam sprayers. The story was told by the only sane person in her household, her Grandmother who kept telling her one day she would become famous . The only other person on her side was her ex husband, who lived in the basement.

There was no chemistry between Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper this time like The Silver Lining Playbook. Lawrence, a brilliant actress, wasn’t really a good fit for the role. The casting was off.

But we all know necessity is truly the mother of invention. And Joy is one mother who brought that idea home.

You’ll like this so much more on DVD when you don’t have to spring for an expensive ticket and all the trimmings.

You’re welcome.


world travelerWoohoo….who doesn’t want their own travel show? What a chance to show the world that little bistro you found hidden in the Latin Quarter in Paris…..or the shop in Pordenone Italy that sells exquisite handbags. You’re a sharer …right?  Are you 20-40? If the age gap was wider I would not be sharing this one.

You will be hosting a travel show on a major cable network. You don’t have to be  a world-wide traveler. All sorts of levels of experience are being considered. They are looking for brothers, sisters, dudes, girlfriendsand couples as long as they have stories to tell, have lots of personality and enthusiasm and are naturally curious and talkative. 

Send the following inf to
Include your name and the names of others (if you are submitting with another person), phone number and address, occupation, travel details and a mini bio of all applying. Tell them three things  someone wouldn’t know about you just by looking at you. Were you Miss Watermelon Festival or did you serve in the military. Send them a contact number and if you have any travel blogs or videos send them.

Send some jpeg photos of you and your travel escapades.

Good luck and pass on. remember it’s all about the journey.



Every year I go to the movies to see if I can find anything I like better than Love Actually. I watch that every single year. I like to be alone and wallow in the cheeky ode to Christmas. Often with a Bloody Mary . There’s something about the joy of seeing a Christmas story with a modern twist . So today  took my British Mum and we went to see Love the Coopers.

It had good intentions. Sam (John Goodman)  and Charlotte  (Diane Keaton) Cooper wanted one last good Christmas before they went their separate ways. Their kids and Grandkids didn’t know or care, because they all had problems of their own. Their daughter picks up a soldier at the airport and convinces him to pretend he’s her boyfriend, while a their other child (Ed Helmes) was trying desperately to find a job and support his kids. It that gloomy enough for you ?

To add to the Christmas cheer ‘ sister (Marissa Tormei)  gets arrested  for stealing a brooch by sticking it in her mouth and helps “out” a steely young police officer. Does this sound like fun to you?. The movie had a great cast. Alan Arkin was the Grandfather and the cast is brilliant. But really how could there be any chemistry between Diane Keaton and John Goodman? That’s a match made in casting hell.

The movie was saved by the beautiful scenery and stylish house and the dog. But, hey, I’m a sucker for a Christmas story and even though it wasn’t Love Actually it had some merits. In a way I think it was trying to be a Hollywood version with lots of different subplots and a big reveal at the end. As for me…I’m cranking out my DVD and going for the tried and true. Perhaps next year…….


tim neighbor 

When I told a friend of mine I was going on a trip to the Ukraine he said…seriously? Was Afghanistan not available to you? I was going to Kherson, Ukraine to see my brother and his family and to pick up my English mum (aka The Queen) and bring her safely back to Oklahoma, with a few fantastic days in London. I’m not sure The Ukraine would ever be at the top of my bucket list travel list, but it was a great opportunity to see a country that was certainly in the news these days.



The Ukraine is like a decaying dowager, great bone structure but the paints peeling and she isn’t looking as fresh as she once did. I found the architecture stunning and the streets were tree-lined and there were an abundance of parks. The people need all the fresh air they can get before a freezing blast of winter. Outdoor cafes were filled and the people that frequented them were dressed to the nine’s. Not one pair of sweatpants in sight.


The people were not used to American women. American men seeking Ukrainian brides used to be in abundance as the pretty women were hitched and relocated to small towns across the country. I stayed at a lovely hotel ($25.00 per night) and the young women would gather in the morning to watch me. Not in a creepy way, but I was a curiosity. There were a lot of young men going to a Maritime College and a lot of soldiers.


ukranian soldier


It was hard to spend money here. The currency has taken a beating and the dollar goes a long…long way. Really nice meals for five with drinks and  salmon  and beautiful vegetables hit at $18.00. A cappuccino was 50 cents. The average man here makes 100 dollars a month. But the problem was there was nothing to buy . It took me forever to find somewhere that sold Russian nesting dolls. That was found at the marketplace…which was a visual delight.

khearson flower friendsukranian floer marketDSC_0051khearson street scene


There were stray dogs everywhere. They would lie in the sun and make their way about town.  But not one looked emaciated and my brother told me that a man in a Mercedes comes and dumps piles of food for the dogs every night.


ukranian dogs


Beautiful Russian Orthodox Church near the river front. It was locked.

orthodox church

Kherson has a great riverfront. Several cafes and lots of people strolling and men fishing. Urban planners would have a field day planning a great tourism mecca here.

khearson fishing


breads in ukrainesushi boat

There is a brand new incredibly clean supermarket in a mall that was once a fabric factory. Eat your heart out Whole Foods. And check out the sushi boat. McDonald’s was the favorite of the locals…and seriously they served fried brie with cranberry sauce.

There is an airport with one plane that lands once a day in Kherson.. A scrappy airport official (and former Soviet Ming pilot) has foraged other airports and assembled a newly redone airport with a very nice VIP lounge. Vodka anyone?

Fascinating trip.


learning to driver

Imagine the humiliation of being dumped at a restaurant by your husband of twenty plus years  and having the details of that said break-up played out in front of the cabbie.  Then imagine being the cab driver who has to witness this raw exchange. I guess the stereotypical can driver would say “fuggitaboutit”….but not a Sikh immigrant who knows a little too much about pain.

When Ben Kingsley, who does a bang up job of playing bachelor Darwan, who left India as a political prisoner has to bring a manilla envelope  back to  Wendy. Wendy is  played brilliantly by Patricia Clarkson, who decides to take advantages of his services as a part-time  driving instructor to visit her daughter. She is the book-worm editor, and he is  a well-mannered Sikh man who was a professor in his own country. . They develop a friendship behind the wheel which are a little more like instructions for  their lives rather than just hitting the streets.

He brings a wife over as an arranged marriage, although the wife is not as intelligent and Wendy has the painful experience of dividing her life in half.  The peek into the Sikh marriage ceremony and culture was an extra bonus.

I love Patricia Clarkson, she picks the best roles and she seems to always maintain her dignity. No giant duck lips or scandals in the tabloids. She is real with an amazing voice and a believable persona. She can also drop the f-bomb like a trooper.

The movie answers the age-old-question of women and men as friends.  Can it truly be? The only other woman in this movie besides the misplaced bride, is Wendy’s sister who delivers some of the best lines in the movie and her daughter , who’s happens to be another Meryl Streep daughter., How many Streep daughters are there?

In this blockbuster summer of  more movie viewers than ever, forget the Galaxies and the Aliens … think this quiet little adventure is well worth the ticket. It may be a bumpy ride…but it’s one you’ll enjoy being a passenger in.